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Всичко за цигарите

Всичко за цигарите (0)

Всичко за цигарите. Статии за обикновенните и електронните цигари.


Електронни цигари

Електронни цигари (5)

Принцип на действие на електронните цигари.

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Цигари и здраве

Цигари и здраве (8)

За цигарите и здравето. Ефекти от спирането им.

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Видео клипове

Видео клипове (1296)

Презентации на видове е. цигари и модове

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Новини от света

The FDA's Electronic Cigarette Rules Are Here -- and They're Terrible - Motley Fool
Motley FoolThe FDA's Electronic Cigarette Rules Are Here -- and They're TerribleMotley FoolThe FDA's new regulations on electronic cigarettes and vapor products serve to protect tobacco companies from competition by promising to destroy the industry. What is the Food & Drug Administration smoking? The agency's recently released electronic ...and more »
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California's Anti-Vaping Law Puts Puritanism Above Health - Reason
ReasonCalifornia's Anti-Vaping Law Puts Puritanism Above HealthReasonvapedirectuk/flickrI like to quote H.L. Mencken's definition of Puritanism: "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." It often applies in the California state capitol, with one of the latest anti-tobacco bills—five of which were ...and more »
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GOP Senator Challenges FDA On Crushing E-Cig Regulations - Daily Caller
GOP Senator Challenges FDA On Crushing E-Cig RegulationsDaily CallerSen. [crscore]Ron Johnson[/crscore] is demanding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) justify devastating regulations that could wipe-out the e-cigarette industry. “Unfortunately, the FDA's attempt to improve the public's health by scrutinizing the ...and more »
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ENDS of an era: Opponents of FDA regulations say new rules choke e-cig, vape industry - Richmond County Daily Journal
Richmond County Daily JournalENDS of an era: Opponents of FDA regulations say new rules choke e-cig, vape industryRichmond County Daily JournalMelonie McLaurin | Daily Journal Alex Raines puffs out water vapor from an electronic device with a modified battery and tank, a product which has become a popular smoking alternative. William R. Toler | Daily Journal Vaping devices like the ones shown ...and more »
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New FDA regulations smoke out local vape shop owners - KFDA
KFDANew FDA regulations smoke out local vape shop ownersKFDAAMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Vape shop owners across the nation fear new FDA regulations may force them to close down. On May 5, the FDA finalized a rule extending its authority to regulate all tobacco products including e-cigarettes, hookahs, cigars, pipe ...and more »
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How The New E-Cig Rules Hurt Americans - The Federalist
The FederalistHow The New E-Cig Rules Hurt AmericansThe FederalistThe FDA's new regulations will destroy 99 percent of an industry that offers an option the Royal College of Physicians finds is 95 percent safer than cigarettes. By Jared Meyer. Jared Meyer. By Jared Meyer. May 18, 2016. It is disheartening to see that ...and more »
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10 common questions about e-cigarettes answered - Cancer Research UK (blog)
Cancer Research UK (blog)10 common questions about e-cigarettes answeredCancer Research UK (blog)Following last month's high-profile Royal College of Physicians' report encouraging smokers to consider e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative, we asked Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, ...and more »
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Debunking FDA's 'Deeming' Claims - CSPnet.com
Debunking FDA's 'Deeming' ClaimsCSPnet.comUPDATE: A spokesperson for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that although states can and have regulated the sale of cigars to minors, the federal minimum age of sale for tobacco products does not apply currently to products such as hookah, ...and more »
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