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Future Retro Mod 24-09-2019 06:12
Future Retro Mod
HI, can anyone tell me how I might take my old Itazte VTR and comvert it to a subohm mod keepimg the original contlrol buttons and display? It by far was my all time favorite mod... infortunately I ruined myself going sub ohm and it just dont do it for me now. I still love it amd want to Future Retro mod it to sub ohm operation
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Looking to retrofit DNA go chip from the Orion into a custom pod mod. Need advice.
So I love my Orion, but hate the pods and thus have been using the caliburn as my daily for over a month. I started the process on making a custom adapter 'pod' that you can stick the caliburn pod into. However, it's going to take time and lots of 3d prints. It wouldn't be hard, it's just that I've had a better idea! Totally new setup. My questions though are:Can I desolder the button and led light to relocate them?? If so is there a way to combine the two?? I'd like the smd to... Looking to retrofit DNA go...
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Spring loaded contact pins?
Hey guys hope you all good today. I am currently making a stabwood box mod and I am stuck with making my battery contacts spring loaded, I have found these "spring loaded contact pins" but these in the link I have provided are rated at 9amps. I am not very confident on the electrical side of things so I hope someone could advise if 9amps is not even close to what I need, or would these 9 amp pins be ok because the current isn't continuous in a mod? The chip I will be using will probably be...Spring loaded contact pins?
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Hate the enclosure, love the chip
Hi all. I have a Hohmtech Hohmwrecker G2 that i use daily and i really like the Kanthal TC mode on it. But the MOD itself does not fit well in the hand. I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction of a custom MOD maker that could rip out the guts of the mod and put it in a more hand-friendly enclosure. Or Advise me for parts that i can order and easily make a new slimmer box (well some effort is required...Hate the enclosure, love the chip
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Custom enclosure 20-05-2019 22:37
Custom enclosure
Hi I'm new here.i have learned a lot over the years and I'm very great full to you all. I'm try to build a very large box mod and can't figure out we're to get an enclosure for my 53 mm rda.any help would be a good send .thanks
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So how far down the rabbit hole do I go here?
This is so weird it might belong in the lounge rather than the mod forum. so I’ve got this old variable wattage device that I was originally told was an ac->dc and I’ve recently found out courtesy of IIRC @Eskie was only ac OR dc, and is need to rectify and clean the power if I wanted to use it the way I was thinking. So here’s the question: because it’s gigantic and ancient and huge the thing is technically a mech device. How bad do I want to keep it that way? There...So how far down the rabbit hole do I...
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Never modify a regulated mod like this!
This was done by a vaper in the Philippines.View attachment 813929 While I applaud the vapers who safely and responsibly modify devices for their own use, taking a single battery mod and modding it to use two batteries in series is begging for trouble. A single battery mod is designed for 4.2V maximum but if you mod it like that it will suddenly have to deal with up to 8.4V. This can destroy components on the regulator circuit board in the mod, possibly causing it to autofire or to...Never modify a regulated mod like this!
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12mm Fire Button 30-03-2019 21:08
12mm Fire Button
Hey got a 12mm Fire Button thats testing me lol Its got a no & on lettering / 2 pin low profile button I dont wanna screw it up, so looking for advice. I realize its a switch of wires but if someone knows right away i would rather 2 clean solders done. Pic for attention! Cheers! Attached photo below. i dont know how to get rid of the X's with no picture shown...12mm Fire Button
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Видео клипове и ревюта
Сряда, 19 Септември 2018 03:25

The Smokers Show Episode 15

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:The Smoker's Show Episode
Вторник, 18 Септември 2018 19:59

A PBusardo Video - The Greek Trip Wrap-Up

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Video - The Greek Trip
Сряда, 05 Септември 2018 00:00

A PBusardo Review - Aspire Nautilus AIO Contest Winner New One

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - Aspire Nautilus AIO + Contest Winner & New
Вторник, 28 Август 2018 18:55

The Smokers Show Episode 14

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Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:The Smoker's Show Episode
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