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DNA75C 15-09-2017 03:36
Good day everyone Looking for a drill template for DNA75C. Does such a thing exist? Thought I would ask before I take the time to make one.
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Lipo for M17 29-08-2017 14:11
Lipo for M17
I need a new lipo for my M17 and it looks Axis Vapes is out of order. Does anybody knows what lipo do I need to buy and where to buy it? Thanks in advance guys!
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battery replacement for coolfire 4 plus (built in lipo ?)
Hi all,i hope i'm in the right forum for this... today i was given a coolfire 4 plus mod..the previous owner has removed the faulty internal battery ..can i retro-fit this mod to take an 18650 ?
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Mosfet/Advice 05-08-2017 03:25
OK so basically i want to put some(x2) 18650 batteries i have to use as basically a backup to my evod(cheap clone .... i guess).. not trying to sub ohm or any of that crazy .... yet i just want to have an alternative power source for use with the mt3 tank that i have. so ive got some tact buttons a few other random buttons i can utilize.. so from what ive seen around the net its adviseable to use a mosfet with the button. i have these mosfets lying around and wondered if they would work for...Mosfet/Advice
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Hana Mini new battery needed
So i have been away from the forums for awhile but have run into an issue with my hana mod.. I am in need of batteries and Hana seems to be out of business.. My question is does anyone know where to get these batteries ?? They are flat 3.7 volt 20c batteries..it takes two of them to run the mod..This is the original Hana mini with the built in batteries...Any help would be greatly appreciated... Regards,Harley
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A couple lipo questions 27-06-2017 11:45
A couple lipo questions
Not sure if this is the right place for my questions so if it's not, moderators, can you move it to the correct sub-forum? So I'm getting my first lipo box built for me and I ordered a MaxAmps 2800 mAh 4s battery for it. I also have the IMAX B6AC. I have 2 questions. To anyone out there that has this charger and has a larger battery like the one I'll be using, how fast does it take to charge the battery? Like 18650's, shorter or longer? Next question, if it takes a while (hours) to...A couple...
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Enclosure to fit 30mm RDA/RTA
I'm looking for a CNC enclosure that will be able to have a 30mm RDA/RTA sit on top w/o overhang. Does anybody have any clues on what enclosure would work? I also have a 40mm Mason and a 41mm Voltrove that I would like to use but I don't think there is an enclosure that would fit that size. If there is let me know which one would work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Building my first lipo PWM mod
I've been building unregulated and mech mods for a while now and I'm wanting to try my hand at building a lipo PWM mod in a CNC 1590N1 enclosure so if I want to go with a larger battery in the future I will have the room instead of building another box. I've just started my research and just wanted to post a thread to ask if anybody has made one (or multiples) and found something that works better than others, found something that made it easier, opinions on batteries (which ones are better...Building my first lipo PWM mod
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Видео клипове и ревюта

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The Innokin EZ.WATT & "Not A" Contest - INVITE A SMOKER TO WATCH THIS
Сряда, 20 Септември 2017 00:23

A PBusardo Review - The Cthulhu MRDA

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Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The Cthulhu
Сряда, 13 Септември 2017 12:15

A PBusardo Review - The HCigar Towis T180 Not A Contest Winners

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The HCigar Towis T180 & "Not A" Contest

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - Show & Tell with the Komge Keel Mod, The Aegis Follow-up & New "Not A"
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