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First Time Build - Dual MOSFET Dual Parallel LiPo
Building my first Mod. Please chime in if you see where I'm not on the right track or where I could do something...First Time Build - Dual MOSFET Dual Parallel LiPo
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Squonking enclosure 13-11-2017 07:39
Squonking enclosure
Not sure if this has been asked before. I couldn’t find anything. If there is...mods, can you move it. I have never been into squonking mods or squonking but I am wanting to try my hand at building a squonk mod. I have no clue on what do use. I have some N1’s enclosure mods and I have a couple B enclosures. I do use lipos and have a couple smaller lipos I could use in the squonk enclosure. Just need to be pointed in the right direction as far as enclosures to use. Thanks guys! Sent from...Squonking enclosure
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Mosfet Rating Clarification
Hi all I have, so far, been bulding mods using a mosfet and a resistor as this seems the safest way to use a non mechanical switch on a mechanical mod. I have been using a 3034 195amp 40v mosfet and a15kamp 1v resistor. I've had good results on a series 18650 box drawing around 20 amps. I now want to build a parallel box where I may be drawing more like 30 or 40 amps, or even a triple box where I could be drawing even more (you do the math lol). Simple I thought. However somebody on...Mosfet Rating Clarification
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Building a mechanical push switch
Hi all Anybody out there have any idea how to build a fully mechanical switch for a mech mod, or can point towards a tutorial? Preferably in brass, copper or combo. My attempts to buy one in the uk have have been fruitless so far, so I have been stuck with mosfet dependent switches, which are good but, you know, less satisfying. Thanks in advance.
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Lipo box mod questions 18-10-2017 03:02
Lipo box mod questions
I have previously built a near fully mechanical lipo box mod using This switch: HD Push Button Start Switch 60 amp 27 28 30 31 33 35 37 38 39 41 55 Chevy b | eBay and this Lipo: RC Turnigy...Lipo box mod questions
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DNA75C 13-10-2017 18:11
Good day everyone Looking for a drill template for DNA75C. Does such a thing exist? Thought I would ask before I take the time to make one.
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My next rainy day build DNA75C 20700
I have done a ABM kit before adding my touch using a 26650 instead of the 18650. It turned out great and has been a great workhorse. I've had a DNA75C board looking for a home and I saw Dan's Youtube, looks like a fun build for a rookie like me.
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4 battery series/parallel regulated squonk mod
I am thinking about making a squonk mod as above. I am not a builder, but I get the feeling this is a niche that has one person in it, so I don't think that any company is going to make one of these. I have a couple of ideas. 1. Frankenstein one together. My idea is to get a Kanger Five6 that has a bad board, and modify it to hold 4 batteries and a squonk bottle. For a board and maybe a display I have a Wismec RX300. The main problem I see with this route is that the...
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Видео клипове и ревюта
Четвъртък, 16 Ноември 2017 14:37

A PBusardo Video -The Innokin/Platform Ares RTA Introduction

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Video -The Innokin/Platform Ares RTA
Сряда, 15 Ноември 2017 03:35

A PBusardo Review - The Innokin T20-S

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Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The Innokin
Вторник, 14 Ноември 2017 17:02

A PBusardo Review - The HCIGAR VT75D

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The HCIGAR
Събота, 11 Ноември 2017 06:12

A PBusardo Review - The Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA

Написана от

Смокинг Маниак представя PBusardo:A PBusardo Review - The Cthulhu Hastur MTL
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